about us

Zero Waste Revolution is a not for profit, non-partisan, community based organisation, established in April 2018.

The main activities of Zero Waste Revolution are:

  • Information exchange: we connect people with the knowledge to reduce their waste footprint in a way that is most appropriate to them.

  • Actively inspiring change: we engage with the Canberra community through public events, advocacy and media to illustrate zero waste ideas.

We value inclusivity through the encouragement of people from all walks of life to reduce their waste and to make a change, no matter how small; evidence-based in the information we provide; and increased connectivity within communities to sustain change.


Management Committee_May 2019.JPG

Our purpose…

is to transform Canberra intro a zero waste community, by sharing knowledge and inspiring change. Our focus is change with people, households and communities.

We inspire. We educate. We facilitate. We are catalysts for change.
— Zero Waste Revolution

Our goals for this year are:

  • To hold one major festival, highlighting tips and tricks for zero waste living;

  • To have conversations with over 100 community members on why we all need to reduce our waste and how we can start; and

  • To launch a website and to publish monthly newsletters that cover tips and tricks for going waste free.