Our Mission:

zero waste.

Transforming CBR into a zero waste community by sharing knowledge and inspiring change.


Found. On the shores of Lake Burley Griffin and collected in under 20 minutes


our rationale:

zero waste.

Change with people, households and communities to create a zero waste revolution


what we do

We aim to educate the CBR community on how to waste less. We do this through providing information (see our quick tips and handy guides) and with public events. We promote zero waste ideas to the media and we advocate for positive change across our community to ensure that all of CBR can take part in a zero waste revolution.


quick tips and handy guides

We have compiled a list of tips for how you can reduce your waste at home and when out and about. If you would like more detailed guides on what to do and how to do it, take a look at our handy guide page where we cover the basics of getting started with composting, clothes swaps and more.

community events

We like talking about waste and we like others talking about it too so we host events where loads of people can talk to each other and share ideas about what they are doing to reduce their waste footprint. We also regularly run smaller workshops and we join in with other community organisations at various events around town.


Every month, we send out a newsletter full of more tips and tricks. We also let you know about some waste events taking place around town and other bits and pieces to help you to create your own zero waste revolution.


We believe in talking to decision-makers about changes that can be made to assist CBR to reduce its waste footprint. The more conversations we can have with everyone on the issue of waste reduction the better!


tips at home


waste less when you’re at home

We have zero waste tips for around the home - waste less in the kitchen, in the garden, in your laundry and more.


tips for out and about


waste less when you are out and about

We’ve got you covered when you are out and about with tips and tricks like plastic free lunches, BYO mug and packing your own shampoo bar in your suitcase.




want more information?


We have designed some more detailed guides to help you with topics including composting, chickens, worm farms, nappies and clothes swapping.

Please let us know if there is a topic you would like more information on.

In no way do we expect - or demand - that everything in a guide is adopted. We’re just providing you with information to get started. Every little action that you take to save more waste being created is a win!


October 2017

2.7 tonnes per person per year is wasted in Canberra




our impact


CBR has the dubious honour of being the best capital city for waste in Australia.

We are determined to have an impact so for every event we run, every newsletter we send out, every conversation we have we are going to record it here so everyone in CBR can feel proud of the fact that , together, we are working to a waste free CBR. For every event we run or particpate in, we will measure the waste that we generate…



seaside scavenge in june, zero waste festival coming in september

This September we will hold our first Zero Waste Revolution Festival at the National Museum. Workshops, speakers and activities are planned.



newsletters sent out so far

We are spreading the word about wasting less. Signing up to our monthly newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with what is going on around town as well as reading about some useful tips and tricks for starting your own waste revolution.



conversations with the community

Community engagement and participation is where change takes place. We are speaking to the media (3 radio interviews so far), we are chatting to CBR politicians (2 already) and we are meeting with anyone who wants to meet with us (35 at Lakeside scavenge) to discuss what changes need to be made to assist CBR to reduce its waste footprint. We’d love to talk to you too!


Found. On a footpath in Dickson, 27 June 2019


get involved


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Volunteer opportunities

We are always looking for helpers for our events and for joining our committee. If you are interested in taking a more active role please contact us here and we will be in touch.

come to an event or a workshop

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon. Please come along to an event or a workshop and share your waste story with us. Or just say hello. We’d love to see you anywhere, anytime.