Zero waste inspiration

Zero Waste Revolution now has it's own website! Check it out here at www.zerowasterevolution.netOur website has loads of information, upcoming events, zero waste lifestyle tips, articles and lots of inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration..... Zero Waste Revolution is organising a Zero Waste Festival!  The festival will be at the National Museum of Australia on 7 September.

The festival will feature workshops on composting, making your own shopping bag, how to halve your household waste and a repair cafe. We also have a wonderful line up of speakers on plastic free living, re-use in focus, zero waste fashion and international best practice on waste.  Plus we have stalls from the local sustainability community and zero waste craft and play for children. We are super excited and would really love to see you there. 

Find out more about the festival here and book yourself into one of our workshops. Workshop places are limited, so be sure to get your tickets soon.

During this July,  we'd like to encourage you to take the challenge of living plastic free. It is not too late to start the Plastic Free July Challenge. Find out more about it here and start your challenge here

If you are beginning on your plastic free journey, a good start is to make one small change at a time. When that behaviour becomes a habit, then add in another change.

Here are some easy ideas to get you started:


  • Use reusable shopping bags. If you can get some that fold up tight then you can have them in your handbag or backpack all the time and you'll never be caught "bag-less" again

  • Grab some reusable bread bags and mesh produce bags

  • Many local butchers are happy to package meat in your own container...just ask


  • Source some beeswax wraps to eliminate the use of cling film

  • Use a washable kitchen cloth and say good bye to disposable wipes


  • Use bamboo cotton buds and toothbrushes which you can compost at home

  • Source reusable wipes or use an old fashion flannel to remove make up


  • Bringing your own lunch box and water bottle to work or school will save you money plus reduce the amount of single use packaging and plastic you consume

  • Many compartmentalised lunchboxes are designed so there is no need for plastic wraps or snap lock bags

  • Say "no" to packaged convenient foods such as chips and muesli bars, instead fill your lunch box instead with home made tasty treats

  • Make the most of your left overs and bring warm soup or pasta in a widemouthed food jar or thermos

Eating out

  • If you like to eat or drink on the hop, slip a metal straw and keep cup in your bag

  • You may even like to make your own eating out kit - including a metal straw, keep cup, water bottle and reusable cutlery

  • Check out the Trashless Takeaway website here and find local restaurants who are happy to use your own containers

Now is the time to have your say on single use plastics. The ACT government is seeking your input through a quick survey on single use plastics. The survey is here and it is open until the end of July.

Don't forget to check out the Zero Waste Festival here. If you could help to share this event within your networks that would be wonderful.