worm farms


Suitable for anyone with an outside space, including a small balcony. Make sure the space provides a consistent temperature, (a sheltered position, such as on a verandah out of direct sunlight is ideal).

Worms eat most fruit and vegetable scraps as well as crushed eggshells, tea leaves and coffee grounds, newspaper and old natural fibre rags. Leave out meat, dairy, citrus peel, onions and garlic.

Avoid overfeeding your worms. Add small amounts of food regularly (i.e. once or twice a week) and spread the food in a thin layer at the top.

Worm farms produce two potent fertilisers – worm wee and castings. The worm wee can be diluted (to the colour of weak tea) and applied as liquid fertiliser, while the castings can be sprinkled around the garden and watered in.

You can buy a worm farm or, for some DIY options, look at this fact sheet from Gardening Australia.

Mia Swainson