no waste cleaning


For cleaning chores, buy reusable mops, rags and sponges. When using cleaning products, use only the amount you need and follow the bottle’s directions for use and disposal.

Try eco friendly house cleaning agents that you can buy in bulk:

  • Castile Soap (bulk), a magic gentle natural soap, that can be used on floors, kitchen sink, dishes, hands, dog, body, hair…

  • Homemade All Purpose Cleaner (see recipes) for the weekly house cleaning baking Soda in a Parmesan shaker

  • Hydrogen Peroxide for mildew (use sparingly since it’s not available in bulk)

House cleaning tools:

  • Metal Scrubby, it works wonders on stainless if used in the direction of the grain

  • Loofah, Natural Brush, or a homemade scrubby knitted out of sisal twine for light scrubbing (loofah is a veggie, and you can grow your own!)

  • Floors: Sweep with a natural boar bristle broom and wash with a wet microfiber mop and a few drops of castile soap.

  • Compost your dust bunnies.

  • Dishwasher: Buy liquid in bulk from a bulk store or powder in a recyclable cardboard box and use white vinegar as a rinsing aid

  • Air: Let plants absorb toxins and clean your air.

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