bokashi buckets


A lidded kitchen bucket that ferments food scraps anaerobically with the aid of microorganisms provided through the addition of bokashi bran or spray.

Useful for people living in small spaces, like apartments.

Almost any food waste can be added, including meat, dairy and cooked foods (avoid mouldy food or excessive liquid).

The system self drains the liquid that accumulates. This liquid can be diluted to use as a nutrient rich fertiliser (perfect for balcony plants or a courtyard garden). 

The food waste that is left after a few weeks of fermenting can be buried in the ground or added to a compost bin or heap to rapidly decompose. If you don’t have a yard or compost, you can consider giving your waste to a community garden or connect with an individual who is happy to take your compost for you, (see links below).

Mia Swainson